Tips on Pets - Leaving Ghana

Remember to fulfill the requirements of your final destination, which may include a certificate of health and proof of rabies vaccination, because each country has its own restrictions. Check in advance! Changing locations often involves interim trips and numerous destinations. To reduce the stress of multiple airplane trips for your pets, you may want to consider leaving your animal with a friend, and then having it shipped to your new location once you’ve arrived. However, if you opt to do this, check on direct freight possibilities, regulations and costs first. To ship an animal as unaccompanied airfreight is often much more expensive than shipping it as accompanied excess baggage.

Be sure to check airline regulations as well, as they may have health certificate requirements. Also, check regulations in transit countries to avoid quarantines. To export exotic animals, such as monkeys, snakes and tropical birds, you must obtain a permit from the Department of Game and Wildlife. Exportation and importation of any species of parrots, including Grey Parrots, is now prohibited.

Further information may be obtained from your local vet, or at the Veterinary Services Department.

Last modified on Monday, 08 August 2011 12:47