About the No Worries Book

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No Worries is produced by NAWA and is the main fundraising effort for the North American Women's Association. All proceeds from the sale of the book are used to support charitable projects in Ghana.

This a guide with everything a newcomer needs to know about visiting or living in Ghana. The information, insights, and lessons come from our members' years of experience living in Ghana.

Grab a copy for yourself at these stockists:

At just 40 GHS, you will be getting expat-recommended insider's info and at the same time contributing to help women and children of Ghana.

Want to know more? See here about the NAWA organisation.


Bulk Discounts

We are happy to offer great discounts for bulk purchases:

Sugggested Retail price: Ghs 40

Ghs35 each when ordering 5

Ghs30 each when ordering 10

Ghs26 each when ordering 20


 To make a bulk purchase, please contact us.  We will attempt to offer free delivery with these orders.


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